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By Ulrich Ellwanger

In this publication, the writer leads the reader, step-by-step and with none complex arithmetic, to a transparent realizing of the principles of contemporary simple particle physics and cosmology. He additionally addresses present and debatable questions about issues similar to string concept. The e-book contains gentle introductions to the theories of certain and normal relativity, and in addition classical and quantum box conception. the basic points of those techniques are understood with the aid of uncomplicated calculations; for instance, the strength of gravity on account of the curvature of the space-time.

Also taken care of are the massive Bang, darkish subject and darkish power, in addition to the shortly identified interactions of hassle-free debris: electrodynamics, the powerful and the vulnerable interactions together with the Higgs boson. ultimately, the e-book sketches as but speculative theories: Grand Unification theories, supersymmetry, string idea and the belief of extra dimensions of space-time. when you consider that no greater mathematical or physics services is needed, the e-book can be appropriate for school and college scholars firstly in their reviews. pastime astronomers and different technology lovers looking a deeper perception than are available in well known remedies also will delight in this distinctive publication.

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